I’ve enjoyed taking pictures as far back as I can remember.

Growing up, I had this little red, plastic camera that I was constantly playing with. I would take it with me everywhere from car rides to the bath tub. Until the age of five, my grandparents watched me practically every day since both my parents worked full time to make ends meet. One of my fondest memories from those early years is going for nature walks with my grandfather, Papa. He would frequently take me to the New Canaan Nature center where we would walk the trails admiring the beauty of nature.

Over time, these two passions of mine merged and I began taking many photos as I went on walks and hikes of my own.

It has been years now since Papa lost his long battle to cancer. He may be gone in body, but he played an unmistakably huge role in making me the photographer, and the person, I am today.

While I am still most passionate about nature and wildlife photography, I’ve been expanding my horizons by adding many other types of photography to my portfolio. I have found that every time I pick up my camera, I learn something new, either about photography or about myself.

And that . . . that will never change.

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